Planetary Gearboxes with Flange Output

The low-backlash flange gearbox EPL-FE is characterized by high tilting stiffness, a very short, compact design, and a high power density. They combine the advantages of EPL planetary gearboxes with the innovative design of flange gearboxes. The output design according to DIN EN ISO 9409 has been designed for optimal connection of the gearboxes to automation systems.

Key features:

  • very compact design
  • high tilting stiffness
  • low backlash
  • high efficiency
  • high torsional stiffness
  • low inertia
  • high dynamic
  • integral ratio
  • output according to DIN ES ISO 9409
  • honed toothing
  • input direction of rotation = output direction of rotation
  • lifetime lubrication
  • simple motor installation
  • any installation position
  • variable connection dimensions

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