About us

We are a long-standing family company located in Albstadt and we specialise in the design and manufacture of complex gearbox solutions. The company was founded by Reinhold Eisele in 1951, the grandfather of the managing directors today, Reinhard Göz and Susanne Bitzer.

Since 1980 we have been developing, producing and selling planetary gearboxes and customer-specific special gearboxes. The whole chain of value and responsibility from development, through manufacturing, to assembly is run in-house. The result of this strategy is that we are able to offer you a complete range of low-backlash planetary gearboxes.

We do not only see our role as being in manufacturing, however, but also in our close collaboration with our customers and in the ongoing development of our products. The success of our work is always the result of a collective process. The earlier you involve us in your design process, the better.



As a specialist for gearbox solutions, we have high standards in quality and cost-effectiveness. The flexibility that comes from in-house design and the high vertical range of production enables us to produce cost-effective, high-quality gearboxes even for small special series.

Install it and it fits: that’s what we understand by practical precision based on experience. To guarantee this tradition of Eisele precision, we not only rely on a quality management system that is put into practice every day. Committed and well trained staff ensure a vital knowledge transfer between design and production, which leads to cost-effective and assured quality.

We do not keep our customers waiting for long. With us, the path from design, through prototype construction, to series production is extremely short. The high vertical range of production gives us a great degree of flexibility because of very short reaction times. We come up with solutions that are ready for production very quickly for the most varied drive tasks.